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Why? Because of our following guarantees!

Competitive Pricing

At driving school Heerlen, we have the perfect balance between good pricing and quality lessons. Also the intake is free if you take our lesson package.

International Experience

Our driving instructors are very experienced giving lessons to international students. If you want to know if your language is supported, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Personal Coaching

We take our lessons very serious, the best way of learning is by coaching. And we try to coach every individual differently depending on his or her needs.

Speed Courses Possible

Are you in a hurry and do you need a speed course? We offer accelerated lessons in a couple of days or weeks at driving school Heerlen.

Driving Lessons at Driving School Heerlen

Driving Lessons

While on your journey to learn how to drive, you’ll need to develop a lot of different skills. To develop these skills effectively you need a coach you can rely on. When you choose driving school Heerlen for driving lessons, we’ll make sure you don’t get stuck.

If you’re just starting the journey, it’s good to understand the whole process so you can make smart choices. To help you decide if Driving School Heerlen is a smart choice for you, we will give away a free intake lesson if you send us an email or call us.

Driving School Heerlen is initiated by Driving school Cordewener, who’s been coaching and instructing students for more than 50 years in Heerlen and the surrounding areas in achieving their driving license.

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What's The Cost?

After the intake lesson, you will have a consultation to answer all your questions such as how many driving lessons you will need and an indication of the total cost of your driving license.

We have various package deals to offer you the lessons you need at the best price, only at driving school Heerlen.

Driving Lessons in English

At Driving School Heerlen, a driving lesson lasts 60 minutes and is possible from Monday through Saturday. We recommend taking 1,5 lessons (90 minutes) at a time, as it is more efficient and effective.

Watch out for the offers of our competitors.
Often they make you an offer for driving 50 minutes per lesson in stead of 60 minutes. This seems cheaper but it isn’t !!!!

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About CBR

CBR is the official Dutch institute responsible for the practical driving and theory exams. Apart from the existing exams in Dutch, CBR also administers theory exam in Englisch. In addition, an individual oral exam is possible with the assistance of an interpreter. We will help you with the whole process of signing up for the official exams. More information is available on their website.

Male ánd female instructers

We have both male and female instructors.

Some student drivers prefer a male coach, other prefer a female coach.

We understand your needs,and therefore at Driving School Heerlen both is possible.

Driving School Maastricht
manual automatic cars english driving school

Both manual and automatic cars available

We have several Ford Fiesta’s manual geared cars.

Thereby we also have 2 automatic cars:

  • Toyota Yaris Hybrid
  • Subaru Forrester SUV

Our Driving School in the Picture

Curious about a more visual presentation on how to pass your Dutch driving test?
Watch the video for information about the dos and don’ts of your exam.

This video will show you what you can expect from our Dutch driving exam.

Driver licence exchange in the Netherlands

Driving licences from non-European Union (EU) or European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries must be exchanged within six months after the holder registers in the Netherlands, provided they remain valid. It is essential to ensure compliance with Dutch traffic regulations and laws. Wilco van Es, an advisor and instructor at Verkeersschool Cordewener, offers comprehensive guidance on how to manage this process. His advice will encompass the criteria for swapping a foreign driving licence, what documents are required, and the procedures to undertake. Additionally, Verkeersschool Cordewener provides specialised courses and practical driving lessons aimed at securing a Dutch driving licence. These are particularly advantageous for those who have obtained their original license outside the EU/EFTA and need to familiarise themselves with Dutch driving practices and traffic laws.

Theory Course

driving theory exam cbr maatsricht heerlen sittard geleen beek

Before you can take your practical exam, you must first pass your theory exam at the CBR (the official governmental exam institute in Holland)

We can support you through a theory course, or books and/or exam exercises (so-called credits)

The theory course is given via Webinar or classroom, 4 evenings from 16:00 to 18:00.

Cost including book : € 110,00.

You can sign up via the registration form or by email

We offer this course only to our customers.

Special Offer For Students Only!

Because we want to supply students with the best offer to acquire their driving license, we give our students €100 discount on every package we have. If you chose one of our package deals you get the intake lesson for free.

Packages & Pricing

We provide a variety of different package deals with the best price to suit your needs.
But it is also possible to book single lessons for € 52,50 per lesson.
Or book extra lessons for only € 515,- per 10 lessons.

Package 1

20 Lessons (45 min)

Real Exam Included

Free Intake

€ 1049,-

€ 949,-

Package 2

22 Lessons (60 min)

Trial Exam Included

Real Exam Included

Free Intake

€ 1.549,-

€ 1.449,-

Package 3

32 Lessons (60 min)

Trial Exam Included

Real Exam Included

Free Intake

€ 2.049,-

€ 1.949,-


Driving lesson €52,50
10 extra lessons €515,-

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